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Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale

Artisan Sculping Scottsdale from our expert team at SkinEnvy Boutique Med Spa is going to improve your body in a number of ways. More flawlessly gorgeous, and stunning are the results you can look forward to. The way we do this is through a method of non-surgical cosmetic improvement that is going to firm up and tighten the skin. It’s also called heat sculpting, since the method the Artisan treatment uses maximizes the energy of heated high-frequency microcurrents. When applied to the skin, it reacts by shrinking fat cells and firming the skin’s surface for a smooth and sleek appearance. At SkinEnvy, our Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale method is perfect for those people who want a non-invasive way to look better in total skin rejuvenation. Get ready for a more perfect version of your face and body. Before, these types of results could only be achieved through invasive cosmetic surgery. That’s all changed now with Artisan Sculpting. 

The Artisan Sculpting Device

The actual way we perform Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale is through a high-frequency microcurrent device. This device is going to produce heat on the surface of the skin, going deep down into the dermal layers to stimulate collagen production. As the skin ages, natural collagen production goes down, leading to a loss of firmness and sagging skin, otherwise known as the loss of elasticity. When Artisan is used, those cells are energized to produce more beneficial collagen and elastin for improved tightness. 

You may be wondering, where on the body can I get Artisan done? The best news is that Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale can work on just about any area of the body that you want to get done. That even includes the face, where you start to notice a sagging jawline, neck, or cheeks that aren’t as firm as they once were. 

 Having the ability to do the full face, with the heat sculpting of the Artisan device, is going to refresh and renew someone’s appearance to maximize that youthful radiance. On the body, it can work on a variety of areas including the backside, stomach, knees, and even the decolletage area that tends to sustain quite a bit of damage from the sun, leading to sagging skin.

Who Are the Best Candidates for Artisan?

The best candidates for those who want to get Artisan done are in good health and may just be starting to experience premature aging and loss of firmness. It’s not going to work on someone who has significant sagging or excess weight that may require more traditional liposuction or a surgical facelift.

The Actual Treatment Is a Breeze

The actual treatment of Artisan Sculpting is easy to go through. You’ll feel the gentle heat of the microcurrent device on your skin, but it’s not unpleasant or painful in any way. In fact, at our med spa, it’s a relaxing experience. Getting your ideal body shape has never been easier!

Minimal to Zero Recovery Time

You won’t have to worry about missing work or having any downtime from your normal activities, like working out. After the treatment of Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale, you may have a little bit of redness or slight swelling, but that will go away after a day or two. There really isn’t any recovery time to worry about with the Artisan heat sculpting treatment. 

How Long Does Artisan Sculpting Last?

Three to six treatments are recommended for the best and lasting results on each area of the body you are having Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale done. It’s meant to be a long-lasting treatment to help rebuild beneficial collagen in the skin for increased tightening and firmness.

Give Us a Call at SkinEnvy Boutique Med Spa

When you are ready to explore exactly what Artisan Sculpting Scottsdale can do for your entire body, head-to-toe, give us a call today at SkinEnvy Boutique Med Spa. All of our services are meant to make you feel like the ideal version of you. We’re more than happy to put you on the path to a more perfect figure that you’ll love to look at.

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